JP 2 pin plug to figure 8 power cord

Specifications for this item

Item Code: KY-C088


Wire model:VCTFK

Wire gauge: 2*0.75mm2


Conductor:Standard copper conductor

Rated Voltage:125V

Rated Current:7A

Jacket: PVC


Product Detail

Product Tags

Product Details

Technical requirements

1. All materials must comply with the latest ROHS&REACH standards and environmental protection requirements

2. The mechanical and electrical properties of plugs and wires must comply with the PSE standard

3. The writing on the power cord must be clear, and the appearance of the product must be kept clean

Electrical performance test

1. There should be no short circuit, short circuit and polarity reversal in the continuity test

2. The pole-to-pole withstand voltage test is 2000V 50Hz/1 second, and there should be no breakdown

3. The pole-to-pole withstand voltage test is 4000V 50Hz/1 second, and there should be no breakdown

4. The insulated core wire should not be damaged by stripping the sheath

Product application range

Power cord is use for below end Electronic equipments:

1. Scanner

2. Copier

3. Printer

4. Bar code machine

5. Computer host

6. Monitor

7. Rice cooker

8. Electric kettle

9. Air Conditioner

10. Microwave oven

11. Electric frying pan

12. Washing Mach


How will you deliver my goods to me? 

Your purchases will be delivered by DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT, EMS your door. Air Cargo and Sea Cargo, Direct line, Air Mail also be accepted according to clients' request.

Where is your factory located? How can I visit there? 

Our factory are located in Dongguan city Guangdong province of China.

Scope of application

Work instuction:

1. Cut the same wire into piece with a length of 100MM and strip one end 10MM, and crimping terminal which to be tested

2. Put the terminal end of wire into the hook (fixture for clamping the terminal), and turn the screw to tighten the terminal to make it clamped and fixed (the direction of rotation of the locking screw is left loose and right tighten) ,Then put the other end of the wire into the clamp of the tension meter and lock and fix it

3. After the both ends of wire are clamped, first press the reset button to reset the meter, and then pull the rotating rod by hand to make the terminal completely pulled off. Then read the data on the meter (Metering) The pointer of the meter rotates a large scale to read 1KG, and rotates a small scale to read 0.2KG.

4. After the terminal tensile test qualified, then the batch compression operation can be carried out; if unqualified, it must be adjusted immediately and the compressed product should be isolated.)


1.During the tensile test, the rear leg of the terminal must not be riveted with insulation to prevent the rear leg from being stressed

2. The tension meter must be within the valid inspection period, and the meter must be reset to zero before the test

3. Tensile strength (tensile strength) shall be judged according to the drawing description if the customer has requirements, and shall be judged according to the conductor compression tensile force standard if the customer has no tensile requirements

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