korea 2 pin plug C7 Power cord

Specifications for this item

Item Code: KY-C083

Certificate: KC

Wire model: H03VVH2-F

Wire gauge: 2*0.75mm2

Length: 1000mm

Conductor: Standard copper conductor

Rated Voltage: 250V

Rated Current: 2.5A

Color: Black

Product Detail

Product Tags

Product Details

Technical requirements

1. All materials must comply with the latest ROHS&REACH standards and environmental protection requirements

2. The mechanical and electrical properties of plugs and wires must comply with the ENEC standard

3. The writing on the power cord must be clear, and the appearance of the product must be kept clean

Electrical performance test

1. There should be no short circuit, short circuit and polarity reversal in the continuity test

2. The pole-to-pole withstand voltage test is 2000V 50Hz/1 second, and there should be no breakdown

3. The pole-to-pole withstand voltage test is 4000V 50Hz/1 second, and there should be no breakdown

4. The insulated core wire should not be damaged by stripping the sheath

Product application range

Power cord is use for below end Electronic equipments:

1. Scanner

2. Copier

3. Printer

4. Bar code machine

5. Computer host

6. Monitor

7. Rice cooker

8. Electric kettle

9. Air Conditioner

10. Microwave oven

11. Electric frying pan

12. Washing Mach


What certification has your company obtained

We have obtained ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification, IATF16949 system certification, access to high-tech enterprise certificate, Hdmi cable with adapter, USB-IF certification, AC power cord cable obtained 3C, ETL, VDE, KC, SAA, PSE, and other multinational certification.

May I know the status of my order?

Yes .The order information and photos at different production stage of your order will be sent to you and the information will be updated in time

Wire and terminal tension standard table

Wire Gauge Fixing force above KG Number of core wires
32# 0.8   
30# 1.0  7/0.1
28# 1.5  7/0.127
26# 2.5  7/0.16
24# 4.0  11/0.16
22# 5.0  17/0.16
20# 9.0  21/0.178
18# 13.0  34/0.178
16# 18.0  26/0.25
14# 27.0  41/0.25
12# 35.0  65/0.25

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