Model airplane harness Cable Assembly Professional Manufacturer

Specifications for this item

Model No: KY-C042

Product name: wire harness

① Wire description:DuPont 2.0 single row UL1571 28AWG wire L=80MM tinned tail (DuPont 2.0 gold-plated terminal line 2.0 DuPont plug line)

② Material of wire outer jacket: PVC

③ Scope of application:battery,Model airplane

Product Detail

Product Tags

Appearance requirements

1. The surface of the wire colloid should be smooth, flat, uniform in color, without mechanical damage, and clear in printing

2. The wire colloid must not have the phenomenon of lack of glue, oxygen skin, variegated color, stains and so on.

3. The finished product size must meet the drawing requirements

Electronic Test

① Open/short/intermittence 100% test

② Insulation resisitance:20M (MIN)at DC 300V/0.01s.

③ Conductive resistance: 2.0 Ohm (MAX)

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