Dongguan terminal line finished product inspection packaging process steps

This article is mainly to explain the dongguan terminal line finished product inspection packaging process steps, terminal line finished product inspection packaging process steps are generally divided into the following five parts: 1. Electrical test of terminal wire →2. Appearance test of terminal wire →3. Assembly of terminal wire →4. Packing of terminal wire.

1. Electrical test of dongguan terminal wire

Use standard wire testing machine to test the performance of the crimped terminal line, such as voltage resistance, impedance, short break, etc., and flow to the next inspection procedure after checking OK.

2. Dongguan terminal cable appearance inspection

The electrical test OK terminal line finished products with light magnifying glass to detect whether there is bad, or with the naked eye to check whether some appearance is up to standard, whether the lack of accessories, etc., check OK after the flow to the next terminal line packaging process.

3. Dongguan terminal cable reassembly

The finished terminal wire that is checked OK is divided according to the requirements of the packing process, that is, the terminal part of the terminal wire is inserted into the sheath to complete the packing process of the terminal wire.

4. Dongguan terminal cable assembly

Assemble the finished products according to the direction of the loop on the terminal wire specification process drawing board, that is, bind them into bundles with tape or pull belt to complete the assembly process of the terminal wire.

5. Dongguan terminal wire packagin

Tidy the assembled terminal wires and pack them according to terminal wire specifications, such as 500PCS/ box, 50PCS/ bundle, 5 bundles/bag, 2 bags/box, etc. When filling the box with terminal wire products, seal the box mouth with the sealing machine and affix the terminal wire product label of the cable harness manufacturer. Complete the above 5 inspection packaging process, terminal products can be shipped.

Post time: Mar-09-2022