What kind of terminal wire do you know?

Dongguan terminal wire harness, also known as terminal wire is actually a kind of conduction wire, and it is used in power conduction and information transmission functions by all kinds of electronic engineers. With the development of electronic products, more and more varieties of terminal harness, and its range is more and more commonly used.

1, car terminal line: DVD sunblock special S terminal line, RCA dust line, female head AV line, multiple audio combination line,

DVD power signal cable, DVDS terminal cable bundle signal output cable, GPS audio and video multi-function cable, GPS multi-function power cord, etc.

2, digital terminal line: E-mark slingshot lighting line, AV line, with cigarette lighter line, terminal harness stereo straight head (elbow) line,

3, machine connection line: RJ45 signal cable, DB gray line, 1.0, 1.25, 1.5, PH2.0, XH2.5, JC20, JC2.5,


ATA wiring, high temperature resistance combination line, large power cabinet line, display line and so on.

4, security monitoring terminal line: big D head to aviation head line, COMS power line, waterproof line, BNC extension line, BNC inter-frequency line.

Post time: Mar-08-2022