Switzerland 3Pin Plug to C13 tail power cord

Specifications for this item

  • Certificate: SUI
  • Model No: KY-C097
  • Wire Model: H03VV-F
  • Wire gauge: 3x0.75MM²
  • Length: 1000mm
  • Conductor: Standard copper conductor
  • Rated Voltage: 250V
  • Rated Curren: 10A
  • Jacket: PVC outer cover
  • Color: black
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    Dongguan Komikaya Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded in 2011, Specialized in manufacturing and developing all kinds of consumer electronic products, and mainly USB Cable,HDMI, VGA. Audio Cable, Wire Harness, automotive wiring harness, Power Cord, Retractable cable,Mobile Phone Charger, Power Adapter, Wireless Charger, Earphone and so on with great OEM/ODM service, We have advanced and professional manufacturing equipment.excellent research and development engineers, the high-quality management and an experienced manufacturing team. 

    Product Standard

    Wire manufacturers to talk about wire and cable shielding layer

    Wire manufacturers say about the problem of shielding layer in wire and cable, the so-called "shielding" in cable structure is essentially a measure to improve the distribution of electric field. The conductor of cable is made of stranded wire, which is easy to form an air gap with the insulation layer, and the surface of the conductor is not smooth, which will cause the concentration of electric field.

    A shielding layer of semiconductor material is added on the surface of the conductor, equipotential with the shielding conductor, and good contact with the insulation layer, to avoid partial discharge between the conductor and the insulation layer. This shield is also called the inner shield. Gaps may also exist at the contact between the insulating surface and the sheath.

    When the cable is bent, the insulation surface of oil-paper cable is easy to crack. These are all factors that cause partial discharges. A semi-conductive material shielding layer is added on the surface of the insulation layer, which is in good contact with the shielding insulation layer and equipotential with the metal sheath to avoid partial discharge between the insulation layer and the sheath.

    The cable shield can also serve as grounding protection. If the cable core is damaged, the leakage current can flow along the shield like a grounding net, playing a role of safety protection.


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