IP20 Direct Plug-in 6W 9W 12W 36W AC Adapter

Specifications for this item

2# Direct Plug-in AC Adapter

Plug Type: AU US EU UK

Material: Pure PC fireproof

Fire Protection Grade: V0

Waterproof protection grade: IP20

Cable: L=1.5m or Customized

Application: LED Lighting, Consumer Electronics, IT, Home Applications etc.

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Technical Parameters









Max Watts Ref. Data Plug Dimension
Voltage Current
1-6W 3-40V
1-1200mA US 60*37*48
EU 60*37*62
UK 57*50*55
AU 57*39*51
6-9W 3-40V
1-1500mA US 60*37*48
EU 60*37*62
UK 57*50*55
AU 57*39*51
9-12W 3-60V
1-2000mA US 60*37*48
EU 60*37*62
UK 57*50*55
AU 57*39*51
24-36W 5-48V
1-6000mA US 81*50*59
EU 81*50*71
UK 81*50*65
AU 81*56*61

How to use power adapter properly

(1) Prevent the use of power adapters in a humid environment to prevent flooding. Whether you place the power adapter on a table or on the floor, be careful not to place water glasses or other damp objects around the adapter to prevent water and moisture.

(2) Prevent the use of power adapters in high temperature environment. In a high temperature environment, many people often only pay attention to the heat dissipation of electronic equipment, and ignore the heat dissipation of the power adapter. In fact, many power adapters produce as much heat as laptops, phones, tablets and other electronic devices. When in use, the power adapter can be placed in a place not exposed to direct sunlight and ventilated, and use a fan to assist convection heat dissipation. At the same time, the adapter can be placed on its side and small objects can be placed between it and the contact surface to increase the contact surface between the adapter and the surrounding air, improving the air flow and thereby dissipating heat more quickly.

(3) Use a power adapter of the same model. If the original power adapter needs to be replaced, you should buy and use the same product with the original model. If the specifications do not match the adapter, the problem may not be seen in a short time, but because of the difference in manufacturing technology, long time use may damage electronic equipment, reduce its life, and even short circuit, burn and other risks.

In summary, the power adapter should be kept in a cooling, ventilated and dry environment to prevent humidity and high temperatures. The power adapter with different brands and models of electronic devices is different in terms of output interface, voltage and current, so it cannot be used together. Stop using the adapter in case of abnormal conditions such as high temperature and abnormal sound. When not in use, remove or cut off the power supply from the power socket in time. Do not use the power adapter to charge in thunderstorm weather, in case of lightning damage to electronic products and personal safety of users.

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