UK 3pin Plug to C5 tail power cord

Specifications for this item

Item Code: KY-C074

Certificate: UK

Wire Model: H05VV-F

Wire gauge: 3×0.75MM²

Length: 1000mm

Conductor: Standard copper conductor Rated Voltage:250V

Rated Current: 3A

Jacket: PVC outer cover

Color: black

Product Detail

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Product Details

Technical requirements

1. All materials must comply with the latest ROHS&REACH standards and environmental protection requirements

2. The mechanical and electrical properties of plugs and wires must comply with the PSE standard

3. The writing on the power cord must be clear, and the appearance of the product must be kept clean

Electrical performance test

1. There should be no short circuit, short circuit and polarity reversal in the continuity test

2. The pole-to-pole withstand voltage test is 2000V 50Hz/1 second, and there should be no breakdown

3. The pole-to-pole withstand voltage test is 4000V 50Hz/1 second, and there should be no breakdown

4. The insulated core wire should not be damaged by stripping the sheath

More introduction about this item

1. Environmental PVC material Jacket

Insulation is used outside the environmental protection of hard
Polyvinyl chloride material wire safety, wear, durable and avoid around

2. Oxygen-free copper wire core

Conductor with oxygen-free copper wire core, conductive
Good, small resistance, anti-oxidation, fast and stable transmission

3. Standard word tail socket

Universal word tail interface, the internal use of pure copper plug combination,
Resistant to plug, practical and safe

4. Plug with safety tube

The safety tube protects the safety of daily electricity

5. New tinned copper

Effectively ensure good contact with the product good electrical conductivity

6. Epidermis / Plug / Copper core

Achieve extraordinary quality

Product application range

Power cord is use for below end Electronic equipments:

1. Scanner
2. Copier
3. Printer
4. Bar code machine
5. Computer host
6. Monitor
7. Rice cooker
8. Electric kettle
9. Air Conditioner
10. Microwave oven
11. Electric frying pan
12. Washing Mach


What's the leading time? (How long do you need to prepare my goods)?

The samples delivery (no more than 10pcs) will be arranged within 7days after payment, and the lead time for mass production will be 15-20 day after payment.

What is your Warranty?

All the products will have 12 months Warranty

What certification has your company obtained

We have obtained ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification, IATF16949 system certification, access to high-tech enterprise certificate, Hdmi cable with adapter, USB-IF certification, AC power cord cable obtained 3C, ETL, VDE, KC, SAA, PSE, and other multinational certification.

Scope of application


1. Turn on the power of the 8681 continuity tester (power button ON/OFF is at the back of the body), the power indicator light is on

2. The input end of the test fixture inserts into the output socket of the tester, check whether the fixture is in good condition at the same time

3. The performance of the continuity tester should be calibrated and debugged by a technician before operation. The test items include: (1) Short-circuit test, continuity resistance test, insulation test, and instantaneous short/open-circuit test

4. Test parameters (refer to the requirements of the engineering drawings, if no required according to the SOP standard) Voltage: 300V

5. Number of test points: at least 64 (L/W category) (3) Test specifications: 2MΩ (4) Short/open circuit judgment value: 2KΩ

6. Instantaneous short/open-circuit test time: 0.3 seconds (6) Conduction cathodic reactance: 2Ω (L/W category

7. Start test after the quality controller confirmed that the product are qualified. Insert the rubber shell's both ends into the test socket horizontally. When the horn sounding and the green light is on, it’s judged as a qualified product, otherwise, it’s a defective product
once the red indicator light is on and the whine is heard.

8. The first tested product must be confirmed by quality controller before mass production


1. Use qualified and defective products to detect whether the testing machine is working normally, and the frequency of testing is once an hour

2. qualified products and defective products must be distinguished and recorded.

3. Deal with the abnormality: report to the team leader or technicians to adjust and repair immediately

Common defective Phenomenon

1.Whether the parameters of the testing machine meet the regulations and whether the testing method is correct

2.Whether there are any electrical defects such as disconnection, short circuit, wrong threading, etc.

3. Whether the performance of the tester is normal, and whether qualified and defective products can be measured on time

4. Whether qualified products and defective products are distinguished in time

Put defective products in the red plastic box

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